Play Therapy

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


While adults use talk as the language with which to engage in therapy and communicate their challenges, children use the language of play. Play is a way for them to both communicate what’s going on around them as well as to work through their struggles. Play becomes a reflection of the child’s developmental stages and an expression of their own personal traumas.

“A play experience is therapeutic because it provides a secure relationship between the child and the adult, so that the child has the freedom and room to state himself in his own terms, exactly as he is at that moment in his own way and in his own time”

Virginia Axline (1950) Progressive Education

Vistara Conway, R. Psych., is the Play Therapist in our office. She has been specially trained through the Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute, and is highly skilled in working with your child. Please contact her directly at 587-208-4790