We charge $150 per hour. We take cash, cheques, and e-transfers; fees are due at the time of the session. The cost of NSF cheques will be charged back to you. There will be an agreed upon fee for missed appointments. We require a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice.

What is a Sliding Fee Scale?

As part of our perspectives and beliefs about anti-oppressive practices, it is really important to us to make counselling available to as many people as possible. We’re aware that, for many people, access to counselling outside of not for profit agencies is very difficult. It’s for this reason that we’ve committed to offering reduced fees in our practice.

The success of a sliding fee scale rests on the premise that some people can only afford to pay at the bottom of the scale and others can more easily afford to pay at the top of the scale. The affordability for us, as business owners, relies on fees balancing out amongst clients.

With a sliding fee scale, if an agency or insurance is paying for a client to receive counselling, then that the agency should pay full fees, given that they are funded from other means.

How do I know what to pay? Some Guidelines:

  • If you own your own home, and a vehicle, and there are two incomes coming in for your family, you should pay full fees;
  • If you live with your parents and do not have to pay rent / expenses to them, you should consider paying full fees;
  • If you are an “empty nester” or do not have children, but have a full time job, you should consider paying full fee;
  • If you are in receipt of Income Support, rent your home, and are a single parent, you could consider paying a lesser amount;
  • Keep in mind that most registered psychologists charge $180 – $220 per hour; that you often will pay your mechanic $100 – $150 per hour; a vet easily charges $80 – $150 per visit, even if it’s only 15 minutes.